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Combination Burner Systems

Combination Burner Systems brings together the best of both worlds, infrared and convectional systems can be combined in any size Luxor Grill.

Customized Temperature Gauge

The easy to read LUXOR temperature gauge will allow you to operate your grill with ease, like a professional cook.

Halogen lamp

Easy to maintain exterior halogen lamp is designed to provide effective lighting, exactly where it’s needed

Polished edges

Welded construction ensures for high quality in structural integrity.Each unit has polished edges adding fine accents to the LUXOR grills

Seamless Welded Hood

All LUXOR hoods are manufactured from 304 stainless steel. Our seamless welded hood are robotic welded for a seamless construction. LUXOR hoods are polished to a high shine for enhanced look

Smoker Box With Burner

Add great wood smoke flavor to all your grilled food using the independent smoker box and burner. The smoker burner is placed between two main burners for an even distribution of the smoke. Use the convenient stainless steel tray to add wood chips of different flavors as you grill. Hickory, mesquite, apple, cherry, pecan and alder are just some of the choices. The smoker box and burner also allows for cold smoking for added flavor.

Warming Rack

Each unit includes a stainless steel warming rack, it will keep the food warm and add a higher level of low temperature cooking.